The Two Guides - Wolf Totems
Guaok Design
Guaok creature design for Norpaq personal project
Greater Rhinobou
Greater Rhinobou creature design
Elemental Wolves
Black and white graphite drawing of current work in progress painting
Prince's Glow
Oil painting on board - Prints available - Original SOLD
Allos Vulture
Allos Vulture creature design
Springtime Guaok Pup
Digital painting of juvenile creature called a Guaok. The Guaok is part of a personal project called the Norpaq Project.
Sisters Play
Acrylic on canvas - 11" x 16"
Mountain Guardian
Nightime dragon protects his territory
Get the Fang
Werewolf drawing for Inktober
Ulach - Zombie Bear
Part of a collaborative project with Heather Carr called Apocalypse Park.
Darkness in Sight
Inspired by The Sight by David Clement-Davies
Memories of a Matriarch
9" x 12" Acrylic Painting of Asian Elephant - AVAILABLE
11" x 14" Acrylic Painting of Cinereous Vulture - SOLD Published in March 2016 AcrylicWorks Artist Magazine
Creature Design for Helpful Bear Creature Design Contest
Norpaq Caves
Environment Concept for Norpaq personal project
Dall Grazing
3" x 4" Acrylic painting of a Dall Sheep - Original Available
Magi Wolves
The Magi Wolves are part of a story created by LeAnne Rheaume called Secondhand Suns
Stilts of the Grasslands
2"x3" Acrylic Painting of Manned wolf - SOLD
Displayed at the GNSI 2014 Annual Members Exhibit in Boulder, CO