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Commission Information

Creatures & Characters
$100 - $800

B&W Sketches: $100-$350 | B&W Painting: $200-500 | Color Painting: $300-$700
Creature Anatomy & Turn-Around Sheets: $600-$1000

Sketches, drawings, and paintings of your personal or campaign creatures and characters.

Illustrations in Digital or Traditional Media.

Fully rendered digital and traditional illustrative paintings. Specializes in illustrating creatures and animals in fantasy settings.

Pricing varies on a variety of factors.

Email to inquire about illustration pricing for your needs!

Starting Price: $700

All commission prices depend on a variety of factors in request of piece. Below are estimated price ranges and for individual/ personal commissions only!


Please contact for current larger contract rates.

These commissions may NOT be used for any project that will gain a profit. Commissions can be used for your own personal TTRPG home or streamed games, as long as money isn't being made off of the artwork commissioned and credit is given if it's streamed.

Please contact for a full quote.

Additional Information for Pet Portraits:

Photography of your pet can affect the price of the commission. If you have no good photos of your pet and you live in the state of Colorado, you may in inquire about meeting up, so I take quality photos myself. If this is requested, due to the increase in cost of transportation, the cost of gas may be added to commission price depending on distance. Dark blurry photos, especially of dark colored animals, will NOT be considered (seriously, no photos of dark voids with eyes please).

B&W Pet Portraits: $150-$600 | Traditional Full Color Pet Portrait: $250-$2500

B&W Wildlife Drawing: $150-$600 | Traditional Full Color Wildlife Painting: Starting Price - $500

Full rendered traditional media drawings and paintings of individual pets or wildlife of client's choice.

B&W medias include pen & ink, graphite, and marker (no complex backgrounds on B&W drawings). Color medias include acrylic, watercolor, and mixed media.

Due to cost and certain circumstances, I will no longer paint in oils.

Email to inquire about full quote!

Pricing varies on media, size, & backgrounds!

Wildlife Art & Pet Portraits
Starting Prices: $150 - $500