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Private Commission Information

Please Read Below Text Before Proceeding!

Please contact for commercial rates & pricing.

Information below is for Private Commissions Only!

Prices listed are base prices only. All final commission prices depend on a variety of factors. Complex details, poses, armor, environment, etc. will increase the price. Additional characters/creatures/ figures will be an additional cost. Payment plans can be discussed.

Additional Terms and Conditions Apply.

I WILL NOT DRAW: porn/nsfw, NFTs, complex mechanical objects, hateful imagery of any kind, human portraits, some copyrighted/trademarked material.

N.Ft./ blockchain technology minting is strictly prohibited!

Using or feeding any art created by Danea Fidler into AI software/ image generators, data training, or any machine learning technologies is STRICTLY PROHIBITED! I will refuse any work that allows my art to used for AI.

All private commissioned artworks created by me are for private use ONLY (including sketches and in progress work) and may not be used in any capacity to gain a profit. The client has the right to use the image freely and distribute it as gifts, as long as it is not used commercially, mass-produced/distributed, no monetary gain is involved, and no rights are infringed.

The Artist is committed to creating the best work possible within their ability and within a reasonable or discussed time frame.

All commissions are personalized items and cannot be exchanged or returned.

Creature & Character Commissions

Fully rendered realistic digital and traditional illustrative paintings. Specializes in illustrating creatures and animals in fantasy settings.

Email to inquire about illustration pricing for your needs!


Additional Information for Pet Portraits:

Photography of your pet can affect the price of the commission. If you have no good photos of your pet and you live in the state of Colorado, you may in inquire about meeting up, so I take quality photos myself. If this is requested, due to the increase in cost of transportation, the cost of gas may be added to commission price depending on distance. Dark blurry photos, especially of dark colored animals, will NOT be considered (seriously, no photos of dark voids with eyes please).

Full rendered traditional media drawings and paintings of individual pets or wildlife of client's choice.

B&W medias include pen & ink, graphite, and marker (no complex backgrounds on B&W drawings). Color medias include acrylic, watercolor, and mixed media.

Email to inquire about full quote!

Wildlife Art & Pet Portraits

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